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Pentair is a leading producer of spray nozzles, pumps and related components for industrial and agricultural spraying with more than 60 years experience in manufacturing fluid handling components.

We offer a wide core range of spray nozzles as well as the ability to develop specialised nozzles to fulfil the specific and often unique requirements of our customers.

We can produce in a wide range of materials from plastics to metals and exotic alloys. Among other applications, our products are used for, evaporative cooling, dust suppression, paint pre-treatment, gas scrubbing for pollution control and crop spraying.


We can offer Roller, Centrifugal and Piston pumps from the Hypro range, diaphragm pumps from the Shurflo range and can also advise on other Pentair brands where these are more suitable.

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As well as nozzles and pumps we offer a wide range of sprayer components such as nozzle holders, filters and valves and spraying accessories.

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Valves, Flow Meters & Pressure Gauges

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Technical advice is freely available from our experts. To enable them to select the right nozzle to optimise your spray application, it would be helpful if you can provide the following information.

Essential information required:

  • The application (a brief description) including the liquid being sprayed
  • Flow rate required (L/min // L/h // or Other)
  • Pressure available (psi; Bar or Other)
  • Spray pattern required (Flat, cone, etc)
  • Preferred pipe connection (Male, Female)
  • Nozzle distance from target (specify units)


Useful additional information about your application:

  • Desired nozzle spacing
  • Liquid temperature
  • Liquid viscosity at temperature
  • Specific gravity or density
  • Surface tension
  • Any solids present in liquid?
  • Spray impact (High, Medium, Low)
  • Droplet size (Coarse, Medium, Fine)
  • Preferred nozzle material

Application Information

Precision engineering

Hypro branded precision engineered spray nozzles, pumps, spraying components and accessories have been sold to the world's leading manufacturers for over 60 years.

Our range of nozzles is tailored to produce the right spray pattern and spray quality for every industrial spraying application and includes; flat fan nozzles, full cone and hollow cone nozzles, the Vapro series of air atomizer nozzles and air nozzles. We manufacture in brass, stainless steel and engineering plastics such as poly acetal and PVDF.

This range means that Hypro is able to supply products to for a diverse range of spraying applications such as; washing, tank cleaning, agitation, aeration, cooling, odour control, metal finishing, humidification, fire suppression, evaporative cooling, coating, dust suppression, and etching.

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Read the introduction to our Industrial Nozzle Catalogue to understand how liquid flow, spray pattern, spray angle, droplet size and spray impact all influence on the spray characteristics and therefore the nozzle type that is required.

Once a spray and nozzle type have been decided on, the nozzle material should then be chosen depending on the pressure, abrasion and chemical tolerance that is needed for the application.

The Hypro Industrial Nozzle Application Table shows the different types of Hypro nozzles, their spray characteristics, and the applications that they are typically suited to.

We can often supply additional flow rates, spray angles and materials to those that are published if your application demands them.

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